A New Favorite Brand At Bruder Hill

You know we love highlighting our favorite brands here at Bruder Hill! In this past post we talked all about Veronica M, Eric Michael, and our Jag Jeans. Although we have lots of favorites, we have a new contender for American-made clothing. Let’s talk all about the amazing Kaeli Smith!

This dress comes in this amazing burnt orange color, with the print detailing around the edges and the wrap belt to accentuate your waistline. You can style this dress for work or play, and it’s virtually wrinkle-free, making it perfect for vacation and travel, too.

Other then being effortlessly cute, all of Kaeli Smith’s clothing is made with an unparalleled attention to detail, from the original hand drawn prints and universally flattering styles to the Lush Knit and silky woven fabrics that drape like a dream. Every Kaeli Smith design is destined to be your favorite “go to” piece.  If that’s not enough to love, all of their apparel is made in the USA.

Kaeli Smith is also a Maryland brand! We LOVE supporting as many girl bosses as we can in our small business.


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