Our Exclusive Line With Atlantic Retreat

One thing that we strive to do with our boutique above all is carry products that no one else carries, as well as collaborating with all of the local businesses and artists we can. Our exclusive line with Atlantic Retreat is the perfect example of this.

Every product in The Apothecary line by Atlantic Retreat are individually customized for Bruder Hill. You absolutely will not be able to find these combinations anywhere else!

Atlantic Retreat’s true mission is to deliver formulas that are seasonal, chemical free, and all recyclable. They are all made by hand by Terri Street right here in Berlin, MD. They are high quality, clean, fair trade and sustainable — everything you should look for in your beauty products!

From facial serums and spritzers, to body oils and salts, this exclusive line has something for everyone! To learn more about Terri and her spa check out her website or visit her after your next stop into Bruder Hill.


One thought on “Our Exclusive Line With Atlantic Retreat

  1. Helen wiley says:

    Often I shop at Bruder when I need I a hostess gift or a B-Day for a friend! I am never disappointed in the quality of the products offered.

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