Crushing For Blush

One of our favorite color crushes of the moment definitely goes to blush. This shade of pink is everywhere lately, even in home design, decor, and hair color! Shelly is modeling some of her favorite blush pieces today, showcasing a ton of new Spring items arriving daily!

bh-blush-2 bh-blush-1

Pretty in pink scarf

Don’t count scarves out just yet, Spring time is still an opportunity to accessorize with a scarf! If it becomes too hot to tie around your neck, try tying around a bag or your wrist.

bh-blush-3 bh-blush-4 bh-blush-5 bh-blush-6

Add some layers

Open draped sweaters are our favorite this time of year. Layers are the key to looking cute and staying warm during the transitional weather. Add the blush color and we’re in love!

bh-blush-9 bh-blush-11 bh-blush-10

A Dress In An unexpected color

When you look in your closet, we bet you don’t already have a blush pink dress. And duh, of course that means you need one – especially when it’s this cute with lace detailing and added hemline!

Come stop in today to find all of our favorite blush pieces and new Spring arrivals! Here’s to hoping this warm weather and sunshine sticks around!


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