A Winter Sangria Recipe


A lot of our store goes beyond just clothing – we have gifts, home decor, party supplies, etc. When these elegant wine glasses came in we knew we needed to show them off to you. The gold detailing is so eye-catching and will make all of your guests swoon!


Although Sangria is traditionally known as more of a summer drink, red Sangria can easily be made into a winter cocktail. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar warm up your taste buds with a smooth, fruity finish. Delicious! Keep reading to find the recipe.



1 cup Tropical blend juice (we bought Tropicana, which was in the orange juice section.)

1 cup Fireball Whiskey

1 bottle dry red wine (we used Woodbridge’s Cabernet Sauvignon)

1 tablespoon brown sugar

2 Blood oranges, 2 green apples, 1 mango, and cinnamon sticks



Cut all of your fruit and put in a pitcher.

Add in your brown sugar and cinnamon sticks.

Pour your wine, juice, and Fireball into the pitcher.

Stir well, serve over ice.

For a rimmed glass use brown sugar and agave to garnish.


Wine glasses from Bruder Hill Boutique


What do you think will you be indulging in a few glasses of this delicious Sangria this weekend? While you’re at it, stop in for a set of these gorgeous gold accented glasses!


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