The Bruder Hill Shopping Experience

A New Year brings goals, resolutions, and reflections. One of our goals at Bruder Hill for 2017 is to share with you what sets us apart, as well as make our customers as happy as possible. Keep reading to find out a little more about our unique shopping experience!

_mg_5069 _mg_5081

Call us for a personal shopping experience.

We love when our customers request a more one-on-one experience. No matter the occasion, Shelly or Laurnette are available to curate the perfect closet for you. If you’d like, you can call with a few details about your style and size and we will find the best options on our floor. Stop in during happy hour and we might even have the wine pouring! Don’t forget, if it’s for a special occasion, vacation, or even holiday we can help with that too!

It all starts by comparing the options, colors, or prints and patterns.

_mg_5085 _mg_5103

We can help with the little stuff.

I’m sure you already know that accessories can make or break an outfit. So many of our customers come in with questions about what to choose, which style is appropriate for what, etc. Once you choose a piece of clothing, we can accessorize it for the occasion. Even if you have an outfit at home that needs that perfect touch, feel free to snap a picture on your phone and we will go to town.


Shopping for someone else? No problem.

We are the queens of gifts over here at Bruder Hill. Don’t you remember us talking about Hostess Gifts, Birthday Gifts, and even Valentine’s Day Gifts?! We have lots of options, and will do everything we can to make sure that special someone is happy when they open their gift! If you feel absolutely stumped, don’t forget a gift certificate to her favorite boutique makes a perfect gift.

_mg_5093 _mg_5100

Have you been to bruder hill lately?

Have we convinced you yet that you need to stop in the store ASAP? We hope so! While you’re in, make sure you ask about our exclusive Pink Bag Club. You won’t regret it! Happy shopping!


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