A Complete Guide To Hostess Gift Etiquette

We’re just like the rest of you, we love a good dinner party or cocktail hour! Isn’t it the worst though when you show up well-dressed and ready for a good time but get embarrassed because everyone else showed up looking like it was Christmas Day?


It’s important to show the host a token of your appreciation by bringing a small gift. But that begs the question, “What is the right hostess gift?” We can think of tons of questions based on that one, too. “How much should I spend on said gift?” “Does the season dictate what I should bring?” We’re going to share with you today an entire guide of gift ideas, when to give what, and more. Let’s get to it!

bruderhill_host-hostess-5 bruderhill_host-hostess-6

Bee kind tea towel from bruder hill, honey sticks from Gilbert’s provisions

The Cost

Let’s begin with a budget. It’s safe to say that the perfect hostess gift should be between $12-$30, depending on the formality of the occasion. Always give the hostess their gift when you arrive to the party. This makes it less awkward to be carrying around a mystery bag and also allows the hostess to maybe put their gift to use.


scented tin candle & matchset from bruder hill

Think First!

This brings me to the next rule. Never bring a gift that requires more work for the hostess. A lot of people tend to think flowers are a good option, but if you think about it, these require the host to stop what they’re doing, prepare the flowers, find a vase, etc. The only time that flowers may be an okay option is if you bring them already presented in a vase that the hostess can then keep. If you’re in a rush, opt for a candle and a set of fashionable matches. We even like to keep a small supply of simple gifts like these tucked away for safe-keeping. You know, just in case you need that gift on the fly! They’re also evergreen, meaning no matter the season they’re still a well received gift. 

bruderhill_host-hostess-1 bruderhill_host-hostess-2

Cheese & cheese knive set from gilbert’s provisions, custom wood cutting board from bruder hill

Is Wine Ok? When Should We Open It?

Many people ask if wine is an okay hostess gift. We say YES! As wine lovers ourselves, we can’t think of anytime that beer or wine isn’t acceptable. Since it can be a little overdone, we challenge you to taking your wine bottle to the next level, like pairing it with this portable wine glass or even a fine cheese. Lastly, don’t pressure the host to open the bottle. If they do, that’s great, drink up! Since most partygoers tend to buy nicer bottles (we highly suggest, duh!), some hosts prefer to save and enjoy with their significant other.

bruderhill_host-hostess-4 bruderhill_host-hostess-3

Goverre portable wine glass from bruder hill

Get Creative!

Lastly, try to remember that other people are going to bring gifts to. We encourage our customers to always think outside of the box and bring something that not everyone’s going to think of! We love these photo props that could make for an exciting, no-fuss add-on to the party!


prop set (box of 8+ decorations) from bruder hill

Do you always bring hostess gifts? We hope that you learned something today from our etiquette guide. We have tons of gifts at the boutique, so come stop by for your hostess gift needs today and Shelly or Laurnette would be happy to help you pick the appropriate choice. Cheers!


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