How To Layer

how to layer

Happy New Year! We’re only two weeks into 2015, but we already know that it’s going to be an amazing year for Bruder Hill, and you too!  We have lots of great things planned for the store that we can’t wait to share with you. But first, let’s kick-off our first blog post of 2015 with one of our favorite styling tricks, layering. There’s no denying that layering (when done right) can make you look insanely stylish. Oh, and let’s not forget keep you warm, too ;-) Some of our customers have expressed that they are a little intimidated by the concept of layering on clothing item after clothing item, and we understand. No one wants to look like a hobo. So we decided to do a quick how-to guide to show you the simplest way to layer an outfit.

how to layer

First, start with a basic light-weight base, like a solid or neutral color (or even striped) long-sleeved top.

how to layer

Next, add texture and color by layering on a soft sweater, cardigan, or poncho.

how to layer

A scarf is a must when it comes to layering, and a printed one is even better.  You can also add a necklace and bracelet for more flare. Easy, right?! You can shop this entire look at Bruder Hill.

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