Anatomy of a Closet:101

Okay boys and girls, take out your No.2 pencils, it’s time for an anatomy lesson. Today we’re studying the anatomy of a closet. Just like our bodies, there are certain parts, components, and features that every closet should have. Did you know you can actually improve your style just by having a well laid-out closet? This is because when your closet is organized, you can really see your complete wardrobe, and thus make more outfit pairings. Not to mention, you’ll be able to get ready a lot faster (the hubby will love that)!

Take a look at exhibit A (below). Does your closet look like this? Neither does mine…. but it can! This closet has 7 key components that can be applied to any closet (no matter how big or small). Let’s break it down:

closet organization

1. Zones
Organize your closet by zone. A zone for tops, a zone for pants, a zone for dresses etc. Use a low rod to hold tops and skirts, an eye-level pole for dresses, and a high bar for shirts and suits. If you only have one rod in your closet, then simply keep all the tops together, all the pants together, all the dresses together etc.

2. Color Code
Color coding your wardrobe makes finding things easier and improves the overall look of your closet.

3. Uniform Hangers
This may be the most underrated component of a closet. Invest in hangers that are all the same. It’s the easiest way to make your closet look neat and streamline. We love these ultra thin no slip hangers.

4. Drawers
Use pull out or standing drawers for folded sweaters, jeans, and accessories. (side note: always fold sweaters to avoid your sweaters from getting hanger marks and stretching out).

5. Shoe Space
Have a designated spot for your shoes. Loving this and this shoe storage idea!

6.Storage boxes/baskets
Use Storage boxes (preferably clear) to store out of season clothing, socks/undergarments, and organize nicknacks.

7. Build up (and down)
Maximize  square footage by using vertical space (both above and below the clothing rod). Store out-of-season shoes/clothes or things you don’t use often.

Now that you know your closet’s anatomy, it’s time to fill it with amazing Bruder Hill finds ;-). For more closet inspiration check out our  Closet Envy Pinterest Board.  Class dismissed!

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