Happy Mother’s Day


This is one of our favorite throwback pictures — Bruder Hill owner, Shelly, front and center, holding her baby daughter, Alex, and surrounded by her mother, grandmother, and great aunt. Four generations are represented in this picture. All are still living today. Many of us may have similar pictures of women that we cherish. Pictures that we could stare at for hours.  Not because of how young or pretty we may have looked in the photograph, but because of what is represented in the photograph — love, strength, perseverance, sacrifice, sisterhood, motherhood, happiness, and the list goes on. It’s these photos that with one glance can remind us how special the women in our lives, especially our mother’s, are to us. So this Mother’s Day, we take the time to acknowledge and honor all the amazing mother’s in our lives, and those we have been privileged to meet at the store, at events, and just passing through town. This video pretty much sums up just how amazing you are! From all of us at Bruder Hill, we appreciate you, we thank you, we love you. Happy Mother’s Day!


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